We are big data
at a human scale.

You're in good company.

We don’t look like an architecture studio, but we believe in human-centered design. We don’t look like a construction firm, but we build cities. 

We don’t look like a tech startup, but we’re innovators. We don’t look like a research company, but we’re deep in big data. We don’t look like an urban planning agency, but we develop thriving communities. We don’t look like a psychologist’s practice, but we are experts in interpreting human behaviour. We don’t look like a design studio, but we are organizers of information. 

We are something new. 

We balance big data with human-centered insights, thriving cities with community building, the built environment with human stories, networks with relationships, and place-making with storytelling. We are a balance of analysis and empathy.

“We uncover the human insights within big data to inform cities in the creation and development of people-centric places.”


Norion Ubechel

Founder &

At Place Intelligence we unlock the power of global big data to generate human centred insights – enhancing the planning and design and the  management of spaces and places world wide.

Operating on the fringe between emerging technologies, big data and urban strategy, Norion leads Place Intelligence’s global business practice.

His work focuses on unlocking the power of scaled human data driven insights for the needs of built environment.

Sean Campos

Co-Founder &
Head of Data Science and ML

Cities generate terabytes of data everyday. Using advanced machine learning systems we collect and unlock this data to enable rapid decision making at all scales.

Sean leads the global data science teams at Place Intelligence. His work leverages an innovative approach to spatial analysis and data science that underpin the firm’s place focused urban analytics. Since 2004, Sean has worked on a wide range of projects typically involving the interrogation, visualisation and modelling of large, multi-dimensional data sets related to humans and places.

Richard Mullane

Board Director

Design thinking gives us great solutions to diverse challenges?—?from creating a safe street for kids to ride to school, to reshaping cities to face rising sea levels.

Richard is the Board Director at Place Intelligence. His work focuses on integrating the big data into design and planning practices and to showcase the value of evidence based design across the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sectors.

Andy Sharp

Strategic Advisor

Data is the compass that guides us in crafting spaces that resonate with community – ensuring they thrive as cultural and economic hubs for generations to come.

Andy is a proven collaborator and visionary place leader. He has led teams in both the private and public sectors on major projects across Australia. Andy works as an executive in local government and as a board member of the Australia Institute of Landscape Architects.

Gerard Corcoran – Strategic Advisor

John Draper – USA BD Lead

Jogu Gopinath – GIS Engineer

Kidus Solomon- Senior Developer

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