Instantly unlock big data on cities and places.

Same-day-access to interactive, multi-year data models for places and assets.

Clients using Place Intelligence for urban research and discovery

Place Intelligence Data Marketplace

Same-day-access to advanced data models for urban research and discovery.

Unlock the hidden patterns of places with big data models.

Place Intelligence data marketplace supports advanced urban research and discovery.

Place Intelligence Data Marketplace models are custom built data sets for geographies and place typologies to support urban research and discovery.

These pre-built place and asset typology data models are underpinned by the rigorous methodologies and mature algorithms we have evolved through ongoing collaborations with the worlds leading design, engineering and data science teams.

These data models fulfil our core mission to make place based data affordable and accessible to support better evidence based design and decision making.

  • Access historical and realtime intelligence streams for a variety of place and asset typologies.
  • Interact with and filter high impact data visualisations for effective communication.
  • Share securely with teams and stakeholders via the Place Intelligence GeoData Studio.
  • Access 4+ years of activity data, dwell time metrics, building, road and asset utilisation data for a wide range of geographies and typologies.

Capital Cities

Understand the patterns and drivers of activity in Australian cities. 

Access 4+ years of activity, dwell time and building utilisation data for Australian capital cities. This unprecedented offer enables a deep understanding of the activity trends for greater confidence in research and decision making.

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Visualise the city impact of major cultural and sporting events and their audiences.

Stadia are home to major sporting and cultural events that drive activity in cities across Australia. The Place Intelligence Stadiums dataset showcases the activity profile and audience footprint of 40+ stadia over 4+ years.

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Reveal the patterns and place use of university campuses across Australia for better planning and design solutions.

The ways students and stakeholders interact with university campuses has changed significantly in recent years. This dataset maps these patterns in place over time – pre and post Covid.

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Health Precincts

Understand the activity patterns of hospitals and health precincts to inform strategic planning and design.

Understanding the patterns of use of major health precincts and hospitals can support better planning and strategic design. Visualise activity, dwell time and catchments over time.

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National Parks

Reveal the patterns of use of National Parks and State Forests at a state and national level.

A multi-year dataset to support a deeper understanding of how our national parks are used nationwide, over time, to inform strategic planning, design, investment, and maintenance.

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Understand the use and utilisation of recreational assets across Australia.

Access to recreation facilities is critical for healthy communities. This dataset reveals the activity profile of 100+ sporting and recreational facilities across Australia.

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Place Intelligence GeoData Studio

Transform data into insights with leading geographic intelligence tools.

Intelligence On-demand

Add diverse intelligence streams when you need them for any project, at any scale around the world.

Subscription & License

Continuous monitoring through on-going subscriptions with timely updates or license geo-data for use in your BI tools.

Private & Secure

We are committed to best practice privacy and security standards and champion leading outcomes.

Instant High Impact

Easily communicate with clarity and purpose using built in high impact graphics, maps and charts to make your case.

Deep Insight

Integrated geo-spatial and statistical analytics reveal deep insight for evidence based design.

Global Scale

Access and compare insights and trends from around the world, at any scale and time frame.

Track Change

Multi-year historical intelligence enables trend tracking and ongoing change management.

Skills & Support

Enterprise systems for teams, and training and coaching for data literacy and skills development.

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