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How do we work together?

Our aim is to help clients better understand their community. We can assist by providing insights on Audience, Commerce, Activity and Magnetism.
We can work together by being an integrated member of the project team. The diagram on the next page outlines where we best fit in the project process.

When should we work together?

We should be included in project processes as early as possible. We add real value when we work in the Research and Test phase of the Design Process. By helping to establish a project vision, defining community persona, creating place-based success measures, uncovering economic inputs, and measuring place-use, activity, and place attractions we can provide a compelling evidenced based design strategy for your client.

How do I manage your input?

Treat us like you would your team mates and give clear instruction on what Problem you need to solve, the Program and Timeframe in which the problem needs to be solved and the Vision and Values you aspire for the project. We’ll do the rest by giving you a return brief and fee. We are here to help you by providing creative inputs into the Design Process by understanding ‘place’.

How do I build-in your fee?

Requesting a fee based on a clear project brief is the best place to start. We will discuss your project requirement and help you build-in the service offering as part of your project proposal/submission. We will discuss with you the datasets and outputs that best suit your project.

My client is unsure about big data?

We use proprietary processes to capture and analyse data on place usage. We do this by layering and analysing de-identified and publicly available data sets, including those generated by technology, social media, and telecommunications to identify opportunities to improve place performance over time. We abide by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), and GDPR privacy rules in the UK+ EU.

Where are you located?

We are located in Melbourne and Los Angeles with the capability to service any project world-wide. We are flexible and mobile to meet with you and your clients to discuss project requirements and opportunities.

Which sectors and disciplines align best with Place Intelligence?

Our intelligence services work across sectors and disciplines. We provide insights for a wide range of projects, precincts and cities by combining strategic insight with creative design to unlock the social, cultural and economic value of places. We work with you to create a clear design concept based on context, function, aspiration and beauty.

Can you measure impact over time?

Absolutely. Our data can be used to create client dashboards to measure place performance over time. We capture data related to place-use, activity, economic performance and persona types allowing clients to asses the success of their project and investment. Dashboards are a service we offer institutional clients who want to measure the positive impact they are having on their communities.

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