What gets measured matters.

Lead with a strategic measurement approach to use data with impact.

Measure what matters for impact that counts.

A strategic approach to place measurement is critical to successful outcomes and impact.

The democratisation of big data has tremendous potential to benefit how we shape cities and improve community experiences. But many organisations have yet to establish what data they need to track change over time and measure the impact of their work.

We help organisations of all types to understand global best practice place assessments and how to apply it to the needs of their local community. Our work empowers community and place focused organisations to become experts in the how-to of place measurement.

We provide coaching on the applications of data into actions and insights, and support the creation of high performing data driven organisations. 

Understanding why, what, when, how (and how often) to measure can save you time, money and effort.

Strategic frameworks and impact assessment.

Good data practices are the foundation of smarter, more responsive and resilient city making.

Many cities and built environment practitioners have recognised the critical need to integrate data and analytics into their work. This must start, and continue, with a strategic approach – an understanding of what to measure and why, how and when, and at what scale.

The Place intelligence team have extensive experience in the development and delivery of data and smart cities strategy for government, campuses and precincts. We are highly skilled in site survey and impact assessment for design projects and disaster recovery, and lead best practice for place measurement frameworks for Movement and Place, strategic planning and asset management.


Place Intelligence is trusted by government, commercial, and community organisations to assess data maturity and develop strategic approaches to improve data driven decision making, organisational performance, and community outcomes.

Our team is responsible for high impact, award winning strategies for Movement and Place, smart cities, innovation districts, campus planning, asset management, and more.

Place Measurement Frameworks

Place Intelligence has developed proven metrics and KPI’s for measuring place activity in partnership with designers and city managers who need to know what to measure, why, how and when.

We work with clients all over the world to develop place measurement frameworks that support ongoing monitoring for strategic outcomes, investment, and asset management.

Impact Assessment

Standardised impact assessment frameworks enable you to understand change over time, compare across sites and events, and identify trends.

Place intelligence contributes to the assessment of design interventions, road upgrades, and changes to parking. The team is also actively involved in assessing the socioeconomic and community impact of floods, earthquakes and bushfires in efforts to support greater community resilience.

Toolset, skillset and mindset for data maturity.

New data tools alone cannot drive long lasting impact.

Data tools must be used by skilled practitioners, literate in how to read and leverage data for impact and insights. These insights must land in organisations with a culture that will value and take action on them.

To get the most out of the Place Intelligence Data Studio, your team may require new skills and support. We can help up-skill and coach your teams, and provide support to build a culture that values the use of data and evidence in decision making.

We support our community with access to world class leadership, strategy, and coaching on how to build a data culture in your organisation, and how to manage technology driven change for success.


Place Intelligence provides powerful new tools to access and enhance evidence based decision making. Our Data Studio and Advanced Analytics products are trusted world wide to inform evidence based design and decision making.

We have extensive experience advising and supporting design and transport teams, professional services firms, global brands, and government agencies to understand, plan and build, and support ongoing delivery of the tools and data pipelines you require to enhance your work around the world.


The effective adoption of new tools requires the development of aligned skills and literacy to deliver results.

We work closely with our global community of data innovators to understand training and development needs, and tailor coaching and support to ensure you’re consistently getting the most value and impact.

We are currently working with the Australian New Zealand School of Government to deliver data literacy training for government workers. Get in touch for more details.


For data and evidence backed insights to have impact, they must land in a culture where they are valued.

Data driven culture requires strong leadership, and we offer leadership coaching, and access to our global community of data experts and innovators who collaborate to share insights and experiences that nurture data positive cultures.

Together we support a mindset that understands and values good data, how to interrogate it, and how to use it effectively in evidence backed design and city making.

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