Self service intelligence tools for project teams .

Effortlessly access big data, create new projects and organise complex data in a digital twin environment.

Clients using the Place Intelligence GeoData Studio

Geo-intelligence for maximum impact.

The Place Intelligence GeoData Studio is a DIY digital twin platform. Access custom data lakes to create custom data models and reveal placed based insights.

This end to end system has been built for teams to build and manage project and program data efficiently to ensure that your time and effort is spent on creating great outcomes.

  • Historical and realtime intelligence streams in over 21 countries
  • Instantly add big data insights to your project
  • Manage project data and teams 
  • Data Integrations for all 3rd party GIS and BI tools

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Preset Intelligence Packages

Industry aligned intelligence streams, geospatial tools and data coaching.

Design Intelligence

Core insight packages and geo-intelligence tools for design and planning professionals.

Leading design firms start projects with proven city insights to uncover hidden patterns over time. Discover how places function, what communities value, identify major opportunities for change and track design impact.

Place Trends

Core intelligence streams and city dashboards for asset managers, cities and governments of all sizes.

Configure custom intelligence dashboards built on top of PI GeoData Studio to fine tune civic outcomes. Monitor place programs, track recovery effort, measure movement, and discover audience dynamics.

Property Fundamentals

Proven geo-intelligence tools and data for developers and real estate portfolios.

Easily embed live intelligence streams into existing BI processes to identify new development opportunities, streamline applications, optimise planning approvals and sustainability outcomes.

Insights and Intelligence Streams

We synthesise diverse big data inputs into rich geospatial insights streams to improve urban outcomes.

Available as historical and ongoing subscriptions.

Destinations and Places

Intelligence streams that reveal insights on how people use places over time.


Intelligence layers that reveal movement patterns and mobility flows for smarter planning.

Distributed Dwell Times

Geospatial dwell distributions at multiple time intervals to reveal place hierarchy.

20 Minute Cities

Dynamic insights layers that reveal relationships between places and assets to understand place permeability and access.

Asset Intelligence

Blended POI data sets with destination and mobility data for next-gen asset strategies.

Audience Intelligence

Dynamic insights streams that reveal audience personas, their origins and travel pattens over time.

Design Impact Assessment

Assess design with big data to maximise benefits and reduce value engineering setbacks.

Environment and Economy

Historical and realtime intelligence on economics, climate, environmental change.

Next Generation GeoIntelligence Tools for the Built Environment

Create amazing geo-data visualisations with a single click, pan through time, filter data and interrogate the statistics of places. Say goodbye to slow GIS tools and database management requirements with our fully integrated intelligence software.

  • Single click intelligence maps for any asset or place
  • Manage teams and projects with permission controls
  • Add new insights streams via PI Marketplace 
  • Compare trends over time
  • Discover data insights with integrated coaching tools

Place Intelligence GeoData Studio

Transform data into insights with leading geographic intelligence tools.

Intelligence On-demand

Add diverse intelligence streams when you need them for any project, at any scale around the world.

Subscription & License

Continuous monitoring through on-going subscriptions with timely updates or license geo-data for use in your BI tools.

Private & Secure

We are committed to best practice privacy and security standards and champion leading outcomes.

Instant High Impact

Easily communicate with clarity and purpose using built in high impact graphics, maps and charts to make your case.

Deep Insight

Integrated geo-spatial and statistical analytics reveal deep insight for evidence based design.

Global Scale

Access and compare insights and trends from around the world, at any scale and time frame.

Track Change

Multi-year historical intelligence enables trend tracking and ongoing change management.

Skills & Support

Enterprise systems for teams, and training and coaching for data literacy and skills development.

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