Unlock, Visualise and Stream Big Data.

Unlock big data, manage teams and projects in our digital twin environment.

Clients using the Place Intelligence GeoData Studio

Our end to end platform for working with big data.

Leverage our platform as a service to unlock global data lakes, create custom models, and visualise big data.

  • Instant access to global big data & data supply chains
  • Bring your own data
  • Self service geo-query for custom projects
  • Industry leading GeoAi Algorithms & Big Query Pipelines
  • High impact mapping & data visualisation tools

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Measure place performance, person counts, and change over time.
Filter maps to easily create insights.
Map as a controller – isolate data objects to filter statistics directly from the map.
Load custom basemap data for under-lay and overlay analysis.

GeoData Studio Platform Components

Connect to Big Data

Query our library of global data lakes or connect your own big data.

We’ve built industry leading data supply chains that allow you to query the latest big data set on cities, people, environment, movement and more. Add your own big data to our high performance infrastructure to query with our spatial search engines.

Spatial Search Engine

Use our spatial search tools to build custom geofences and select the data you need.

Leverage our spatial search engine to establish data collection geo-fences, set up new projects, and submit big query jobs in under 1 minute. Schedule recurring compute pipelines or isolate defined time ranges for data collection.

Custom GeoAi Algorithms

Add custom Step-functions pipelines or UDF’s  to run your own models with our data.

Leverage our libraries of industry leading geospatial algorithms that run infrastructure as code workflows or work with our teams to build custom compute pipelines bespoke to your business.

Mercury Ai Compute Engine

Industry leading super-computing systems that run on demand for custom jobs.

Leverage our cloud computing infrastructure as code to process massive data sets. Deploy distributed computing jobs scaled dynamically to the size of your query to optimise compute costs. Work with our Data Science and Data Engineering teams to configure custom compute environments in AWS, AZURE, Snowflake, and more.

Job Manager and Cost Estimates

Estimate costs before building models, execute jobs and schedule recurring queries.

We support project based teams who need cost estimates for big data as part of bids and tender projects. Use our job manager tools to only pay for the data you need after you win or schedule compute pipelines for ongoing data collection.

Spatial & Ai Mapping Tools

Single click to render spatial intelligience maps & leverage custom filters for insights.

We built industry leading data visualisation and mapping software with high impact graphics. Leverage easy to use map filtering tools to create insights in seconds.  We offer custom data dashboards to render your data streams.

Digital Twin Capability

Store project data, publish interactive content, and stream digital twin data.

We made it easy to publish any project content with our digital twin capability. Share spatial data, interactive 3rd party dashboards, 3d models, offline data and more.

Access Controls and Sharing

Easily share content, collaborate and manage access to projects and studies.

Our platform includes a full content management and user management backend, allowing you to create customers, manage users, create projects and control access to content. Leverage our dynamic UI rendering with permission controls to manage access to toolkits amongst different user groups.

Custom Platform Deployments 

Leverage our out of the box platform as a service offer to accelerate your use of big data.

  • Rapid deployment for scaled solutions
  • Integration with leading cloud computing providers
  • OEM and White-label deployment with dynamic re-skinning 
  • Extendable base plafrom

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