Train Generative Ai with Real World Mobility Base Data

We build custom data sets for  to power digital city twins, simulation platforms and bespoke challenges.

Leading transport and engineering practices trust Place Intelligence Data.

Creating AI Training Data for Digital Twins and Simulation Software.

We specialize in crafting custom data sets to support digital city twins and advanced simulation software. These data sets empower urban simulations with real-world data, enhancing predictive analytics and scenario modeling.

We work with leading software, transport, defence and major asset managers to enhance advanced urban simulations with real world base data. Leverage or Ai training data sets to calibrate:

  • Global earth digital twins
  • National mobility models
  • Agent based city models
  • Predictive analytics
  • Custom simulations

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Precise Point Positioning combined with advanced trajectory mapping can provide high resolution, mode segmented data streams for complex engineering challenges.
Connect data into BIM and Digital Twin Models
Industry validated by leading transport engineering teams.

Place Intelligence AI Training Data Sets

Our AI training data sets are crafted to enhance digital twins, advanced simulations, and predictive intelligence models. These data sets are designed to support various applications, from urban planning and mobility analysis to disaster response, national security, and infrastructure development.

Multi Year Mobility.

We build normalised multi year mobility pattern data sets to calibrate simulations and digital twin software.

RAG Vector Databases.

Access out-of-the-box vector datasets to augment Large Language Models (LLMs) with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

Round Trip Architecture

Leverage our data streaming architecture and micro services to stream large spatial training data with DuckBD directly to your LLM services.

We serve rich base-data for advanced simulation software platforms.

We make it easy to understand the needs of local communities to improve planning and design outcomes.
We understand that great models require more than one data type. Work with us to unlock diverse data sets for better outcomes.
We provided tiled and diverse resolution data to power models and urban simulations at all scales.
We build nation scale models to power state and federal simulations for transport, tourism and emergency management.
We serve diverse mobility data into simulation models to provide rapid calibration and control processes.

As clients demand ever increasing certainty from engineers, advanced simulation tools have become commonplace in most transport and master planning projects. 

Place Intelligence provides custom base data to calibrate city models of all scales. We aggregate diverse sparse data sets, city data feeds, and other signals data to build validated base data for input into your software. 

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