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Place Intelligence worked with leading practitioners to provide an evidence base to support retail strategy and place-focused marketing for a major commercial building in Perth.


A major property portfolio manager required place activity and audience data to support its retail leasing and marketing strategies for an anchor commercial building in downtown Perth.

The 20-storey mixed-use building is located in a notoriously complex site at the centre of three major pedestrian arteries in Perth’s CBD. Place Intelligence was engaged to undertake an array of location intelligence studies to understand the rhythms of the building and how its audiences interact within its context.


The Place intelligence team measured the activity and audience profiles in and around the building, establishing a baseline to benchmark the retail and tenant performance and enhance asset management and strategic planning into the future.

As part of our engagement, the leasing and retail teams wanted to understand how the ground plane retail offerings compared to nearby locations and what activations, upgrades or wayfinding changes could be made to improve visitation and retention.

Place Intelligence specialises in activity analytics using privacy prioritised signals data. This data has significant value in providing real-time and timely location intelligence for tenant optimisation, leasing and real estate asset strategies.

“How much do you value getting the right answer? Place Intelligence can provide rapid intelligence at a very low cost – particularly when you see the value that can be leveraged from the insights.”

Norion Ubechel, CEO, Place Intelligence


  • Audience origins: discovered the home suburbs of the building audiences and visitors
  • Buildings analysis: measure building activity over time, when the building is most and least busy
  • Precinct analysis: measure public realm activity, when the ground floor and surrounding public realm is most and least busy over time
  • Building and shopfront index: revealed which building entrance and shopfront is most and least busy, and when
  • Economic lost opportunity: identified which external locations building users frequented during lunchtime and trading hours
  • Audience segmentation: Open source, de-identified data studies to discover audience profiles, their demographic and psychometric likes and interests.


  • Leakage and lost opportunity analysis uncovered nearby retail offerings and external locations building users frequented
  • Activity and movement data was used for new way-finding upgrades in the precinct
  • Identified areas of significantly higher footfall than expected
  • Place Intelligence audience, precinct and building analytics supported the development of new retail, activation and wayfinding strategy

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