Every square kilometre of urban land creates more than 4TB of data every day.


Our tools unlock this vast information to reveal the hidden patterns cities, places and people.


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Our Data Products

We’ve built industry leading processing algorithms to create data sets on the dynamics of cites, places and audiences.

  • Utilise our compute on demand tools to make bespoke spatial intelligence data
  • Access results in our GeoData Studio and download off-line data to use in third party GIS and Analysis software.

2024 data products include: 


Population and Activity

Query any location to understand total demand hours and person counts.

Mobility Networks

Undestand the usage of  movement networks including streets, bikepaths, rail ways, and footpaths.

Distributed Dwell Times

Undersand where, how long and how may people exhibt a behaviour to classify place and movement.

Catchment and User Mix

Easily reveal where your site visitors come from and when they are there.

Same Day Mobility

Easily understnad the routes to and from your site, and where else people spend time before and after.

Audience & GeoDemographics

Reveal the mix of user groups based on their likes, interest and core demographic variables.

Origin Destination Data

Mesure the flow of people between zones over time, with upto 50,000 zones per model.

Journey Data and Travel Times

Build trajectories to understand journeys and estimate travel times through networks.

Easily create big data sets for your project.

Discover how our tools let you design queries, run scaled supercomputer jobs and access same day results.

Step 1 – Custom Studies with Site Designer Studio

Site Designer Studio lets you build custom data sets for your project boundary using our industry leading compute on demand tools.

  • Draw project geofences to set project extents, select the algorithms you want to run,  and specify the date ranges required.
  • Upload your own GIS data for custom analysis.
  • Generate project cost estimates for bids and run models on demand. Leverage our query based billing to only pay for the data you need and when you need it.
  • Assign job approver roles within your company account to control costs.
  • Integrations with your internal project numbers for optimised accounting.
  • Assign dynamic data delivery locations to automatically sync results in your secure company project drives.
Manage project parameters and the models you need.
Draw custom geofences to query big data with.
Global place search to find areas of interest.
Intuitive drawing tools or upload your own GIS data.
Easily manage 100’s of jobs with Job Manager.

Image: Site Designer Studio

Step 2 – Run Big Query Jobs on Demand

When you submit a job with Site Designer we automatically provision scaled super computers to process your job.

This allow you to use our global big data lakes and ultra efficient compute pipelines to make custom big data sets on-demand at the lowest possible cost.

We leverage leading IaC tools, accelerated computing and distributed infrastructure to deliver results in minutes.

Compute on demand with Mercury Ai
Leverage global scale computing infrastructure to process massive data sets.
We orchestrate cost efficient big query tools and distributed computing.
We work to the highest industry standards for data processing and security.
We deploy bleeding edge solutions included DuckBD, Dask and Fused solutions.

Image: Leverage our auto-scaling infrastructure to process data of any size.

Step 3 – Access and Interrogate Results with GeoData Studio

We built GeoData Studio to make it easy to unlock big data on cities and places.

  • Render big data in seconds.
  • Leverage our custom data visualisation modules to perform multi year and multilayer analysis.
  • Easily understand the patterns of places and communities to inform design strategy, investment, engagement outcomes based on leading big data.
  • Intuitive user interface to easily view, filter and export data.
  • Manage access and share models across teams.
Identify patterns and trends with easy to read maps.
Quickly filter data to track change over time and download key data directly from the map.
Customise basemaps to understand context.
Render data in seconds with accelerated web.gl
Run on any laptop or desktop computer.

Image: GeoData Studio is used to visualise and interrogate data with ease.

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