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Place Intelligence was engaged to measure activity, building utilisation and campus connectivity to support the masterplan for an 11,000-person global HQ.


Our client, an American multinational corporation with 79,000 employees worldwide, required a digital site audit of its world headquarters to support the urban and experience masterplanning of its physical assets.

More than 11,000 of its employees are based at the 300 acre (1.2 square kilometre) campus, which houses 76 buildings including a museum, research lab and several dedicated light rail train stops.


Place Intelligence was engaged to establish a place performance measurement framework and activity baseline for the office campus. Our client required a baseline of activity to informed design responses and test the impact of significant capital expenditures and design and place interventions.

A pre-pandemic profile of building usage provided a baseline to monitor the impact of Covid-19 and support return-to-work strategies in 2022. Using Place Intelligence datasets, our team was able to highlight the rhythms and patterns of place and movement.


  • Precincts highlighting area activity heat maps and statistical insights
  • Building analysis identifying activity levels within buildings over time and highlighting patterns of spatial activity
  • Public realm analysis identifying activity levels within the public realm over time and highlighting patterns of spatial activity
  • Building-to-building cross visits highlighting the interconnectivity between select core campus buildings.
  • Place Intelligence data models unlocked hidden patterns of use in buildings and public spaces, enabling smarter investment and capital planning.
  • In mid-2022, a capital intensive 1 million sq ft (93,000sq m) office building came online the campus largest structure to date providing additional floor space for 2750 employees.


  • Place Intelligence framework for performance measurement KPIs to monitor place use and activity over time and support return-to-work strategies
  • Retail and F&B offer optimisation
  • Campus movement and wayfinding strategy 
  • Identified priority locations for upgrades to public space

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