We are big data at a human scale.

We help city shapers create people-centric places with big data, locational insights and predictive intelligence.

Big data unlocked.

Get the quantitative evidence you need to create the places people love.

At Place Intelligence, we combine a deep respect and understanding of city design and placemaking, with advanced data science and location intelligence to power evidence based design and decision making.

Place Intelligence Data Studio – On-demand analysis for powerful insights on place use, urban mobility and audiences.

Custom Urban Simulations and Digital Twins – We build custom predictive solutions and AI derived recommendations that you can trust.

Place Measurement Frameworks – Establish the metrics you need to power evidence backed design and decision making over time.

Training and Coaching – Develop the skills and culture you need to use data with impact.

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Place Intelligence for impact.

The evidence you need to make decisions with confidence.

The Place Intelligence Data Studio

A simple, secure, and easy-to-use interface for interacting with geo-spatial and statistical data on-demand. Created by city makers with city makers, we have spent years defining what and how to effectively measure place activity, and how to communicate the results simply for maximum impact where it counts.

Trusted by the worlds leading cities, design and engineering firms, the Place Intelligence Data Studio is empowering practitioners with the deep knowledge and accurate and timely data that is critical for responsive decision making with confidence in times of rapid change.

Custom urban simulations and predictive intelligence to solve complex challenges.

Advanced Analytics and Digital Twins

Understand the past and present patterns of place, and support data driven predictions for the future.

Our custom simulations, digital twins, and predictive intelligence models are trusted by the worlds leading cities,  transport engineers, disaster recovery agencies, asset managers, and built environment professionals to provide quantifiable evidence to support complex decision making with confidence.

Measure what matters for impact that counts.

Strategy, Training and Coaching.

A strategic approach to place measurement is critical to successful outcomes and impact. Understanding why, what, when, how (and how often) to measure can save you time, money and effort.

Place Intelligence provides strategy, training and coaching for the development of place measurement frameworks, impact assessment, data strategies and culture change for success.

Where our work adds value.

Placemaking & Design

Great place outcomes are informed by deep insights on how people use and experience their cities over time. Evidence based design relies on quantifiable data to inform decision making.

Access quantifiable insights about places over time to create loveable places that respond to current or future community needs and behaviours, and match community values.

Audience Experience

Deep intelligence on place based audience activities over time. Inform economic development, tourism and visitor attraction, workforce planning and more effective community engagement with deep insights on the communities you serve.

Insights help you understand the needs of your audiences to support more effective strategic planning, engagement and design outcomes.

Movement & Place

Fast, accurate, and cost effective transport and human movement data, precision pedestrian and trajectory modelling, catchment studies, and road and network utilisation.

We are leading global best practice in place intensity mapping for Movement and Place, and our modelling underpins significant transport projects in Australia, New Zealand and UK.

Community Resilience

In times of urgent need, swift and confident action and investment requires quantifiable and trustworthy evidence that is easily communicated.

Our trusted assessment frameworks and on-demand analytics at a local, regional and nation scale, help you understand the places and communities affected by life changing events – before, during, and throughout their recovery – for more sustainable and resilient outcomes.

Strategic Investment

Access data backed evidence to support strategic decision making. Inform business cases, identify opportunities, understand demand and evaluate risk with fast, accurate place analytics.

Maximise investment, design, and development potential by leveraging quantifiable, multi-year insights to assess and evaluate viability, and connect with and understand what citizens value.

Assets & Evaluation

Historical and near real time insight on activity, performance, and utilisation for places, commercial centres, transport networks, campuses, and major assets.

Support business case development, performance and impact evaluation, and ongoing adaptive management for a better understanding of how your places and assets function, and more optimised and sustainable outcomes.

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