We created a better way to make big data accessible for any project.

 Our tools help city shapers create people-centric places with location insights, predictive data models and leading spatial analysis software.

Big Data for Evidence Based Outcomes

Leverage Place Intelligence tools to access the world’s largest datasets on places, societal trends, mobility patterns, economic shifts, and environmental dynamics.

  • Self service intelligence software 
  • Access the worlds largest big data sets
  • Get insights for any location at any scale

Experience GeoData Studio in Action.

Place Intelligence data products reveal the hidden patterns of cities and places.

Trusted by leading organisations around the world.

Our Spatial Intelligence Platform

We offer access to leading big data sets, self service tools, advanced analytics, and digital twin environments.

Global Places Index

Instant access to interactive, multi-year indices on global cities and places.

Access our libraries of city scale data models used to understand macro trends,  inform research, and underpin key liveability and place successes indicators. Compare and contrast trends across national and global environments.

Our Data Products

Our leading places and mobility data sets to inform outcomes.

Leverage our data creation tools to transform raw big data sets into meaningful indices on people, place use and movement patterns. Design queries around your project requirements and only pay for the data you need. Get results in the PI GeoData Studio for easy analysis.

GeoData Studio

Our end to end platform to search, transform, stream and interrogate big data.

Our customisable end to end platform built to make working with big data easy and secure. Connect your databases or leverage our global data lakes, build custom geo-fences, run compute pipelines across AWS, AZURE, SNOWFLAKE, DELL APEX and LamdaGPU Cloud, manage access to query outputs and stream big data as interactive spatial intelligence and interactive models.

Advanced Intelligence (AI)

Commission custom machine learning and predictive models to support design, engineering and strategic decision making.

Engage our teams to solve complex challenges at any scale. Leverage our extensive geo-processing, ai and ml toolkits to build custom data models, indices and simulations. Access results as bespoke data sets to input into your simulation software, business cases and economic models.

Who uses Place Intelligence?

The right data at every step of a projects lifecycle.

The process of creating and managing great places is complex.

Whether you’re working on the client side to develop a business case or as built environment professional crafting solutions for the future – its never been easier (or more important) to enrich your work with data driven insights.

We help take the guess work out of project life cycles by providing deep insights at every phase. Discover site potential, inform business cases, reveal place patterns to inform design, set KPI’s from best practice case study locations, and track change over time to maintain success.

We add insights where and when they matter.



Business Cases


Schematic Design




Post Occupancy Evaluation


Ongoing Place Optimisation


Every project and place is different – connect with us today to discuss how you can use data with impact.

Make community centric decisions with confidence and unlock big data for your organisation.

Local government has the challenging task to balance the needs of existing communities whilst planning for future growth. With limited budgets and increasing pressure from external parties, there has never been a greater need to use big data to make informed decisions.

With Place Intelligence Data Studio your organisation can track patterns of footfall, movement, dwell time and audiences for every city asset, building and road with a single click. Place Intelligence makes it easy to understand how your local government area performs and how it compares to similar locations across the country.

We provide indices for your entire government areas and the tools for your teams.

  • Track retail footfall and visitation patterns
  • Measure movement network usage
  • Compare trends over time and measure economic recovery
  • Understand how residents and visitors uses places differently
  • Index city assess such as car-parks, public spaces and council buildings
  • Inform projects, review development applications against actual trends and more

Get cost effective big data you can trust to underpin critical investment and development decisions.

We help property developers navigate the world of big data by highlighting opportunity sites, indexing footfall patterns, predicting audience mixes, informing ground plane offers and fine tuning ongoing place plans to ensure project success.

Imagine if you could instantly understand the footfall potential of any site, provide deep insights back to local government on how your proposal will benefit local economies, or track patterns of usage over time to make sure your retail mix is aligned to the needs of who your audiences are.

Connect with us today to take the guess work out of major development investment decisions.

Developments large and small, we provide the right level of insights and intelligence to ensure investments are informed by big data.

  • Index locations for economic potential before buying options
  • Compare opportunity sites
  • Understand existing and future audiences
  • Inform retail mix, housing options and public realm requirements
  • Build confidence with development authorities
  • Track change over time to optimise place outcomes

Add a big data baseline to your project to maximise design and engineering impact for clients.

Every project starts by understanding the context of your site. We add value to this process by unlocking a wealth of information about how people use places over time – revealing the hidden patterns of cities and communities.

With Place Intelligence you can understand time based insights on place usage, audience segments, patterns of movement across modes, activity hot spots and relationships to surrounding areas. We index design precedents from around the world to justify solutions and mitigate value engineering reductions and design review setbacks.

We leverage years of data to enhance public life studies and provide leading data engineering services to underpin transport and mobility projects.

We provide end to end intelligence services for built environment projects and practitioners. Leverage our tools to win work, build trust with clients and justify solutions with big data.

  • Enhance bids by demonstrating a deep understanding of local conditions
  • Make informed design solutions with a big data public life study
  • Get proven movement and mobility data to power simulations and models
  • Compare design options against multiyear trend data to demonstrate impact
  • Ground solutions by demonstrating success from comparative locations around the world

Make smarter place management decisions with deep insights on how places perform over time.

The rise of community led planning and place making has enabled many cities, campuses and developments to adopt place and experience centric activation plans. This shift means that asset owners must now provide a higher level of service than the traditional routine maintenance approach. The challenge is that many organisations don’t have the necessary data or in house capability to effectively monitor place performance over time.

Imagine your place and asset teams could track the impact of place making strategies and asset performance with a single click. With the Place Intelligence GeoData Studio you can unlock insights into visitation patterns, asset usage, audience mix and more; allowing for deep intelligence to improve maintenance and activation programs.

Get the data you need to justify investment in place led outcomes, set KPI’s for place performance and inform the level of service required for changing environments.

  • Monitor patterns of place usage across multiple locations over time
  • Understand the level of asset criticality to assign levels of service with confidence
  • Set KPI’s you can actually measure and align your place reporting outcomes to them
  • Understand what you communities value from places and how demands change over time
  • Learn from best practice case studies to inform solutions for your site

Easily access the intelligence you need to make decisions with confidence.

The Place Intelligence GeoData Studio

  • Use the Place Intelligence GeoData studio to create project based intelligence layers and data sets.
  • Easily filter big data sets to reveal the hidden patterns of places,  and export high impact data maps and site statistics.
  • Add third party 3d data models, BIM and digital twin layers into a unified project environment for teams.

Place Intelligence GeoData Studio is trusted by many of the world’s most liveable cities, leading design practices, and global engineering firms.

Global Places Index

Validated big data models at city scale.

  • Gain unprecedented access to urban insights with big data.
  • Instantly unlock multi-year, interactive data models to support urban research and discovery for defined for geographic and place typologies.
  • Easily enhance urban design, investment, and planning outcomes.
  • Interrogate data sets with easy to use spatial intelligence tools.

Custom urban simulations and digital city twins.

Advanced Intelligence 

Many cities have invested in the creation of Smart 3D city and BIM based digital city twins. The challenge is that many of these models do not have continuous real-world base data to power their simulations.

We work with leading transport engineers, property developers and major asset managers to empower smarter urban simulations. We synthesise hundreds of big data streams to build validated model inputs that combine multi-channel movement data, audience, economic and community voice data to simulate future scenarios.

Place Measurement and Impact Assessment.

Strategy, Training and Coaching for Impact.

The democratisation of big data has tremendous potential to benefit how we shape cities and improve community experiences. But many organisations have yet to establish what data they need to track change over time and measure the impact of their work.

We help organisations of all types to understand global best practice place assessments and how to apply it to the needs of their local community. Our work empowers community and place focused organisations to become experts in the how-to of place measurement. We provide coaching on the applications of data into actions and insights, and support the creation of high performing data driven organisations. 

Where our work adds value.

Placemaking & Design

Great place outcomes are informed by deep insights on how people use and experience their cities over time. Evidence based design relies on quantifiable data to inform decision making.

Access quantifiable insights about places over time to create loveable places that respond to current or future community needs and behaviours, and match community values.

Audience Experience

Deep intelligence on place based audience activities over time. Inform economic development, tourism and visitor attraction, workforce planning and more effective community engagement with deep insights on the communities you serve.

Insights help you understand the needs of your audiences to support more effective strategic planning, engagement and design outcomes.

Movement & Place

Fast, accurate, and cost effective transport and human movement data, precision pedestrian and trajectory modelling, catchment studies, and road and network utilisation.

We are leading global best practice in place intensity mapping for Movement and Place, and our modelling underpins significant transport projects in Australia, New Zealand and UK.

Community Resilience

In times of urgent need, swift and confident action and investment requires quantifiable and trustworthy evidence that is easily communicated.

Our trusted assessment frameworks and on-demand analytics at a local, regional and nation scale, help you understand the places and communities affected by life changing events before, during, and throughout their recovery – for more sustainable and resilient outcomes.

Strategic Investment

Access data backed evidence to support strategic decision making. Inform business cases, identify opportunities, understand demand and evaluate risk with fast, accurate place analytics.

Maximise investment, design, and development potential by leveraging quantifiable, multi-year insights to assess and evaluate viability, and connect with and understand what citizens value.

Assets & Evaluation

Historical and near real time insight on activity, performance, and utilisation for places, commercial centres, transport networks, campuses, and major assets.

Support business case development, performance and impact evaluation, and ongoing adaptive management for a better understanding of how your places and assets function, and more optimised and sustainable outcomes.

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