About Place Intelligence

Paying the right kind of attention to the ways we live can truly help us to shape cities we love.

Place Intelligence is a global leader in place focused urban analytics. Our mission is to provide deep insights and intelligence on how people interact with places over time, empowering city shapers – the designers, developers, policy makers, engineers, asset managers – to make better evidence based decisions for the benefit of all.

Our team has extensive experience in developing and delivering technology for cities, design and transport engineering teams, campus, venue and asset managers, recovery agencies, and large place based organisations. We have built a deep specialisation and advanced tools for location intelligence for the built environment.

We leverage the latest and largest (de-identified and privacy prioritised) data sources on the planet to underpin our critical analysis tools and assessment methods – ensuring that our findings are evidence based and validated against our global index of cities and place typologies.

We understand that in order to provide intelligence that results in environmentally, socially and economically sustainable outcomes, we must use the right big data sources – that can provide insights at any scale and at any location worldwide – in the right ways.

For this reason we’ve invested years to develop industry leading big data warehouses, analysis tools and machine learning frameworks to underpin our critical analysis work. We are committed to delivering this work in ways that respect and champion best practice privacy standards.

Our work is grounded in a deep belief in the power of good data to unlock better places for people. We strive to help cities and city shapers better understand the patterns of place use of any location (at any scale) via historical and near real time data to reveal powerful insights for evidence backed decision making.

We Value:
Accessible Evidence – that enables and impacts a better future for people and planet.
Collective Responsibility – in the work that we do and the way that we do it – to build respect and hold trust.
Together We Rise – to the challenges ahead, to the opportunities afoot, to greater intelligence – success is better shared.


We are big data
at a human scale.

Norion Ubechel


“At Place Intelligence we unlock the power of global big data to generate human centred insights – enhancing the planning and design and the  management of spaces and places world wide.”

Operating on the fringe between emerging technologies, big data and urban strategy, Norion leads Place Intelligence’s global business practice. His work focuses on unlocking the power of big data driven insights at scale for the needs of the built environment.

With a background in environmental science and architecture, and leveraging over 15 years of academic research and professional experience working as a technologist, strategic planner and urban designer, Norion brings a deep appreciation and understanding of city design, built form outcomes and place management practices to create new methods for using data to improve the liveability of urban places around the world.

Norion has held adjunct professor roles at the University of New Mexico and Curtain University. He is often called on to speak about advanced data analytics and the role of evidence based design in the built environment sector.

Bonnie Shaw

Chief Strategy & Impact Officer

“The intersection of design thinking with advanced technologies delivers data driven insights and intelligence that allows us to continually learn and improve.”

Trained as a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer, Bonnie has spent more than half her career delivering impact through advanced technology projects with some of the worlds most respected research and innovation labs. She helped to establish and lead Australia’s first Smart City team at the City of Melbourne.

As Chief Strategy & Impact Officer at Place Intelligence, Bonnie champions a deep focus on evidence based design outcomes, ensuring that the work is consistently translating into real world impact.

In 2019/20, she re-trained as a Human Potential Coach, to leverage the latest research in biohacking and behaviour change, to support data driven stress management practices, and enable better community health and resilience in times of increasing complexity, uncertainty and continuous change.

Bonnie is faculty at the Australian & New Zealand School of Government, and has held adjunct professor roles at Georgetown University and the Melbourne Business School. She was recognised as a finalist in the prestigious 2021 Australia & New Zealand Women in AI Awards.

She is a seasoned board advisor and mentor and is often called on to speak and write about data for better decision making, smart cities and community powered innovation.

Sean Campos

Chief Data Scientist

“Cities generate terabytes of data everyday. Using advanced machine learning systems we collect and unlock this data to enable rapid decision making at all scales.”

Sean leads the global data science teams at Place Intelligence. His work leverages an innovative approach to spatial analysis and data science that underpin the firm’s place focused urban analytics. Since 2004, Sean has worked on a wide range of projects typically involving the interrogation, visualisation and modelling of large, multi-dimensional data sets related to humans and places.

Driven by a delicate balance between his engineering mind and a solution-meets-science passion, Sean’s experiences span a wide variety of industries, artists, platforms and multinational organisations.

His ongoing work with the Data Science Department at the University of Berkley ensures that the team remains at the very bleeding edge of the most advanced data science work in the world.

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