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The Data Studio provides access to a world of big data powering evidence based design and decision making. 

the Place Intelligence Data Studio.

Access to the evidence you need to make design decisions with confidence.

The Place Intelligence Data Studio combines best practice place making and design with advanced data science and machine learning. It helps you understand the patterns of place through big data to provide a robust evidence base for better design and decision making.

Trusted by the worlds leading cities, design and engineering firms, the Place Intelligence Data Studio is empowering practitioners with the deep knowledge and accurate and timely data that is critical for responsive decision making in times of rapid change.

In years gone by, you would never design anything in the public realm without a site survey. In the public realm and city shaping design work for the future, I can’t see you starting any new project without this new Place Intelligence version of a survey – if you’re without it, you’re at risk of designing partially blind.   

Angus Bruce, Principal & Head of Design at Hassell

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Layered data reveal insights that count.

Data as rich and dynamic as the places you’re working in.

A traditional site survey captures a moment in time, the Place Intelligence Data Studio is a web-based software platform where you can layer and customise years of historical and near real-time data to build a deep understanding of how a place functions over time.

Data is represented geo-spatially and statistically, and reveals activity and mobility patterns, dwell times, asset utilisation, audience patterns, workforce and visitor demand, and connections and relationships for almost anywhere on the planet, at any scale, over many years.

Integrate this data into your next design project, feasibility study, impact assessment or strategic plan to ensure you’re measuring what matters for impact that counts.


Understand how people use places over time, at any scale for strategic planning and design.


Reveal movement patterns and mobility flows in street networks and transport routes.

Dwell Time

See the patterns of dwell time – how long people spend in place – for insights on magnetism.


A powerful tool to understand relationships and connections between places and assets.

Asset Utilisation

Reveal detailed patterns of asset demand and utilisation over time for responsive management.


Place based audience patterns help you understand the needs and values of your community.


Workforce mobilisation data supports strategic planning and trend analysis for return to work and city activation.

Visitor Demand

Insights on visitation for venues and places reveals patterns and trends in attraction and tourism.

A simple and secure platform for problem solving.

Fast access to the critical data you need.

The Place Intelligence Data Studio offers a simple, secure, and easy-to-use interface for interacting with geo-spatial and statistical data on-demand. Created by city makers with city makers, we have spent years defining what and how to effectively measure place activity, and how to communicate the results simply for maximum impact where it counts.

As a result, the Place Intelligence Data studio is trusted by leading cities, designers, engineers, property developers, and countless other built environment practitioners around the world, who rely on the evidence they get from this critical tool to deliver with confidence.


Data On-demand

Access layers of on-demand analytics for any project, at any scale around the world.


Sign up to on-going data subscriptions with timely updates for continuous monitoring.

Private & Secure

We are committed to best practice privacy and security standards and champion leading outcomes.

High Impact

Communicate with clarity and purpose using high impact graphics and charts to make your case.

Deep Insight

Integrated geo-spatial and statistical analytics reveal deep insight for evidence based design.

Global Scale

Access and compare data and insights from around the world, at any scale and time frame.

Track Change

Multi-year historical data enables trend tracking and ongoing change management.

Skills & Support

Enterprise systems for teams, and training and coaching for data literacy and skills development.

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See how the Place Intelligence Data Studio can provide the evidence you need to make decisions with confidence.

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