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Case Study: Big Data for Big Mountains with Helly Hansen

By August 8, 2021January 12th, 2022No Comments

Place Intelligence teamed up with the data and insights team at Oslo based Helly Hansen to build the world’s most advanced mobility index of mountain users in the United States.

“Through our collaboration with Place Intelligence we were able to develop deep insights into the mobility patterns of our customers, build new audience segments and identify cross category customer groups to grow our market share across North America.”

Yngve Hemmelsund – Analytics, Insights & Data Science Director – Helly Hansen


Place Intelligence entered into a master services agreement with Norwegian based Helly Hansen to provide their data analytics team with advanced locational intelligence services across North America.


Helly Hansen offers a range of outdoor clothing for Ski, Mountain, and Sailing customers. The challenge was to build a  GDPR privacy compliant national customer database by studying thousands of mountain areas across the United States and then to develop custom segmentation tools and mobility indices to enable smarter online marketing and to discover locations for new flag ship stores.


Our work used geofencing methods combined with point of interest databases to build an index of over 9000 mountain areas,  500 ski mountains and 1200 marinas across the USA. This index was used to understand customer behaviours for discrete audience types.

Our analysis included:

  • Discover every mountain user, skier and marina user in the USA
  • Understand common day and night-time locations of the audience, cross correlated with where existing customers live based on online sales and shipping information
  • Map variances between competitor stores, existing customer locations and potential customer home post codes to inform where to place new flagship stores in the USA
  • Index ski mountains and user behaviours to better understand the needs of their customers
  • Provide insights to partners such as Vail Resorts to optimize customer experiences and understand how competitor locations compete with them.
Key Findings
We were able to discover the audience origins of every ski mountain in the USA to advise Helly Hansen when potential customers typically go on vacation – enabling smarter time based digital marketing.


of skiers live in Colorado


of visitors come from New York City in December

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